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"Healing our past is opening our future" Thomas Hübl

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The therapy I offer is called Identity Therapy, which is a therapy that utilises both the mind and body in the healing process, to promote and enhance well-being. I offer personal sessions either at my practice or online. 

The therapy is based on the Identity oriented Psychotrauma Theory work of Professor Franz Ruppert (IoPT) and the many breakthroughs in neuroscience.


When people are experiencing psychological, emotional or behavioural difficulties it is often hard to cope. By focusing on specific troublesome issues or symptoms, my clients are able to safely encounter the inner psychological dynamics that are behind their presenting issue, and heal them.


Identity Therapy goes to the root cause.

Identity Therapy Sessions in Marlow
Alexandra Smith Integrative Trauma Therapist

About Me

I am an Integrative Trauma Therapist, and I use IoPT and Identity Therapy.


I have trained in IoPT with Professor Ruppert himself, and I’m also trained in several other therapeutic practices, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Transactional Analysis and Neural Linguistic Programming.


I am registered with NCP (Snr Accred.), registered with the BAPCA and licensed with the BPS. 


My practice is in Marlow, Buckinghamshire where my clients come for 1:1 sessions. I also offer 1:1 sessions online over Zoom.


I offer group IoPT Workshops and Seminars in UK and Overseas.

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Sessions at my Practice in Marlow (Bucks)

Individual Sessions for Personal Work


Intention Therapy can be used to explore troublesome symptoms like: general anxiety, depression, eating disorders, phobias, sexual difficulties, insomnia, and personality disorders. Other issues such as bereavement/loss, PTSD, abuse related issues, addiction and dysfunctional relationships can also be the focus of sessions using this therapy. ​

Coaching Sessions for Work / Business Issues

If you are experiencing problematic and/or recurring issues in the ‘world of work’ which are unhelpful, then a series of IoPT Coaching sessions are for you!

Workshops & Seminars

for Transformational Self Development

Our Identity is shaped from our early beginnings and throughout our whole life by the experiences we’ve had, and the experiences we are having. We also know that Trauma shapes our Identity too, and can cause troublesome issues in life. 


In my workshops and seminars we use IoPT, and the related Identity Therapy, to expand self awareness and insight which then serves as the vehicle for transformational self development and healing.

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Developmental Trauma, IoPT and Me
2 day seminar

Introductory seminar with experiential sessions.

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Franz Ruppert

NEW! Listen to Franz Ruppert explain IoPT and how trauma impacts our Identity and Personality:


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Our Inner Life

Circumstances arise in our lives that are very disturbing and debilitating, and have an impact on our mind and body.


When we experience emotional overwhelm the brain has an automatic trauma emergency response that is unconsciously activated. This emergency response creates structures that help us survive the emotional trauma, and carry on with Life. 


However, these structures, and the memory of the emotional trauma, are stored in our subconscious like an imprint. These stored trauma imprints can be retriggered and cause difficulties in both our mind (the way we think and perceive things) and the body (our emotions, how we feel and our physical wellbeing).


Emotional trauma also impacts our inner Identity. Symptoms like anxiety and depression, eating and personality disorders, behavioural and relational dysfunctions and bodily symptoms can be linked back to previous emotional trauma. These are post traumatic symptoms that can be addressed using Identity Therapy


People find this approach to be a powerful and safe way to resolve troublesome issues, and experience more balance, wellbeing and harmony in themselves and their life. 

Everything a person needs to recover from trauma is within them


~ Dr. Professor Franz Ruppert 2015 ~

When I want a different future outside, first I need to heal inside


~ Anon ~

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