Coaching Sessions for Work / Business Issues 

If you are experiencing problematic and/or recurring issues in the ‘world of work’ which are unhelpful, then a series of IoPT Coaching sessions is for you!

Coaching Sessions take place in a private one-to-one setting, either on-line or in my practice in Marlow. When clients are experiencing problematic and/or recurring issues in their ‘world of work’ it is often hard to 'see the wood for the trees'. This can lead to heightened feelings of stress or even burnout. Coaching is a great way to look at issues at work.


Using the Intention Method, and with the Organisation/Company as the context, clients get to explore their issue using a Statement of Intention and floor markers to represent the words within their statement. 


Coaching sessions are totally focused on the inner world of the client and like any coaching relationship, sessions are totally confidential, so enabling the client to explore freely the situations and connections that seem entangled and unproductive. 


The topics clients might bring to a coaching session include team, peer, boss and customer/supplier relationships; collaboration with others; communication and interpersonal difficulties.