Group Workshops for Personal Work

Group workshops are a fantastic opportunity to work on self development in a deep and meaningful way.

The phenomena of resonance used in all forms of IoPT Intention Therapy is an organic and experiential phenomena, and is equally effective either in face to face or on-line workshops.


The main locations for group sessions are On-Line or Beaconsfield (Buckinghamshire), however other locations can be arranged please call +44 (0)1494 713 562 to discuss. 

When you register for a 1 day workshops you choose if you want to work on a specific issue (working place) or whether you prefer to benefit as a resource participant during the workshop. The options on offer are made clear when you go through to the booking site.

Some 2 day seminars are a blend of education and theory about emotional trauma and working sessions, and some are dedicated totally to working sessions. 

You can read more about the different styles of group workshop and seminars here:

In a group session the client formulates a Statement of Intention about the issue they wish to work on. The Statement of Intention is about what the client would like to achieve in their session. The client chooses up to 3 words or group of words (element) from their Intention that they wish to work with, and invites members of the group to represent those element. These people are known as 'resonators'. In this way a relational ‘picture’ is created using the resonators, which provides the client with an encounter of their inner self and illuminates underlying trauma imprints.


The resonators are living resources, and as part of the session they will attend to ‘what’s going on for them’. Predominantly, the focus is on their awareness of their relationship with other resonators and the client, and the feelings emotions and sensations that happen with them. Sometimes resonators have insights or thoughts which might occur to them, and these too are shared with the client as useful information to work with.


In this way the client is enabled to get a real ‘in the moment’ experience about what is happening, as they encounter the unconscious dynamics of their issue. Many clients have said it is amazing what accurate information resonators give relating to their particular situation, and that it is a very real and pragmatic way to work. 


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