Individual Sessions at my Practice in Marlow or Online
Whether face to face or online, sessions will be in a private and welcoming setting.


When I first start to work with my clients we explore how the body and mind work together, and how overpowering and debilitating feelings and symptoms develop. This helps my clients to better understand what’s happening with them personally, and it is an important step to the positive change process that clients experience.

If we are working virtually, I agree with my clients how we will ensure that privacy and conducive environment are created so that each session is giving maximum benefit.

During sessions a client will explore specific aspects of what they are experiencing, and take a step-by-step approach toward the recovery they are seeking. 


Some clients work on specific traumatic events in their life, some on specific and difficult emotions. Others have focused on their insomnia, eating disorders, sexual difficulties, obsessive behaviour or troublesome relationships, including their couple. Health issues can also be worked on in a session.  In fact, anything where a client is wanting a better or improved situation through their own self development.


As sessions progress clients encounter some of the underlying dynamics of their issue or condition, which is likely to be unconscious trauma imprints in the mind and body. Clients use a Statement of Intention, which is formulated at the start of each session, and this acts as the focus for the session. 

Everything for a client’s healing is already within the client


~ Dr Prof Franz Ruppert 2015 ~

The pace of the session is determined by what is emerging. We may pause the session so a client can make meaning of what has emerged, and then resume. 


As a person-centred therapist my role is to facilitate the therapy process and maintain an environment where a client can get the most out of their session. The self-encounter that the client experiences is of their inner self and is likely to provide insights about themselves they may never have considered. As part of the session we might discuss these so that the client can make some meaning, and take the insights forward productively.

An individual session enables a client to move at a pace and rhythm that suits their preference in terms of personal change, and the contract for individual sessions is open-ended and is determined by the client. To enable the integration and healing process to take place, clients can choose either 60 or 90 minute processing sessions. 

If before booking a first session you would like a confidential no-obligation phone conversation, please call on +44(0)7768 116476 or to book a session email me.

I also work with couples and parents, so please contact me if you would like to discuss a specific issue.